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4 Persuasive Perks To Give Employee Engagement A Boost


Keeping your staff engaged is one of the most enduring challenges for today’s businesses. The UK workforce has developed an unenviable reputation for being one of the most unproductive in Europe, despite working longer hours than many of our continental cousins. Although there’s a big difference between engagement and productivity at work, the two are inextricably linked.

Employees who are engaged at work want to be involved and informed. They have a positive attitude and lots of energy. Engaged employees are also more collaborative, with fresh ideas and the ability to work more efficiently, all of which can lead to better productivity.

In fact, highly engaged employees are 38 percent more likely to have above-average productivity. Employee incentives can be one tool employers turn to try and boost engagement in their teams. But they don’t always get in right. With that in mind,

We’re going to take a look at 4 persuasive perks you can use to give employee engagement a boost.

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1. Idea bonuses

What better way to motivate your employees to generate a fresh supply of ideas than with an idea bonus that really means something to them. The first step is to explain how the perk will work so employees understand exactly what’s required of them.

To be worthy of a bonus, the ideas have to be fully formed and practicable. They should either directly impact the bottom line or help to solve a particular issue that has been problematic for the business.

If implemented, the individual should receive a bonus that’s a true reflection of the value of their idea.

2. Encourage a little healthy competition

Competition among employees should be treated carefully. While some employees will rise to the challenge of a ‘performer of the month’ type challenge, others may resent the bullish attitude it can encourage in some staff.

If this type of incentive is to work, you have to ensure that any targets you set are achievable and the performance of each member of the team is measured against objective benchmarks.

3. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter

It’s not always the most valuable incentives that make the most difference to the engagement of your team. Sometimes, simply showing that you care about the health and welfare of your employees can make a difference.

A fresh fruit delivery from a provider like Fruitful Office, allowing employees to have a 30-minute massage appointment at their desks or even just brightening up the workspace with plants and fresh flowers will prompt a positive reaction from your team.

4. More autonomy

One of the most powerful of all the perks you can give your employees is more control over their working day. The flexible working revolution is taking the UK by storm. Employees are being given the freedom to decide when they work, how they work and even where they work.

This can help to remove some of the obstacles they face in their everyday lives such as long commutes and childcare arrangements, and make work more rewarding for your team and ultimately for you too.  

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