4 Mishaps To Avoid By Using Payroll Software


Payroll has been the complex tasks of all. The process consist is numerous components, inaccuracy and errors in it can cause blunders in the organization. Each organization always focuses on the expense optimization and revenue generation, but without effective payroll software, all the efforts to do so are in vain. The manual or traditional payroll processing system was incapable of automating the entire process and required much of human intervention. The system involved laborious and repetitive task. Human resource management is not an easy task; it involves bulk data that is to be handled manually. Various mistakes often happen when the company does not have a payroll software to streamline the process and avoid frequent errors and human errors. Automating the process is the key to increase the efficiency of the employee and to provoke the growth of the organization regardless of the number of employees.

Failure of on-time remuneration

Have you ever noticed the employees when they get the salary on time? Employees seem to get more motivated when they receive the salary on time and without any mistake. Failing to do so can create a wave of this satisfaction amongst the employee. This scenario frequently happens when the payroll processing is done manually, the HR has to spend more than 10 hours every month to complete the process keeping in mind the mistakes. It now only affect the employees’ morale but also increases turnover. The employee data when maintained manually seems to have many human errors, the erroneous data, when considered for analysis, can’t have a fruitful outcome, this data also can’t give the precise idea of an employee’s performance to give them monetary and nonmonetary benefits which are necessary to boost their spirit. Payroll software empowers the employee to have on time payroll processing without any errors. The data provided by the payroll software is accurate and details helping the employer for better analytics.

Outdated compliance

The trickiest part of payroll processing is statutory compliance. Our government changes the statutory laws frequently; it becomes difficult to keep track of the updation in the laws amid of the task. However,  the employer may miss out the update an fail to be compliant. The breach in the government regulation has a monetary consequence. The employer has to pay penalties or fines, which is not preferable as it may affect the company’s expense management. payroll software features auto compliance, it sounds magical, but yes, it is true. The payroll software is facilitated with cloud technology. The only vendor has to keep track of the change in the regulations and update the norms of the system they provide this modification will be reflected in each software they have provided. The employer doesn’t have to worry about compliance anymore.

Inaccurate Time and Attendance Tracking

Before the evolution of technology, the employer was incapable of getting the accurate real-time attendance of the employees and also the record of the work hour utilization. The employee was incapable of analyzing it to make necessary changes in the current policies. Registers were used for employees’ attendance and verbal reporting of the task done during the day. It increased the false practices of time theft and false reporting as the employer had no real-time data capturing system. Payroll software captures the real-time data of the employees; it maintains the log of the employee data. The employees have to also create the timesheets in the software to justify the work they did in work hours. The employer analyzes the data to know the regularity, absenteeism, and punctuality of the employees; they can also recognize the need for change in the policy to improvise the scenario. The timesheet details let the employer know the capabilities of the employees; these logs are available to the employer, managers as well as the employees whenever they require.

Payroll software lets the employee get the deep insight of the organization to find what is lacking, need o improvisation and appreciation. It optimizes the workplace. Not all mistakes are made intentionally; it is all about recognizing them and find a solution to avoid them. Recognize the mistakes to know the requirements thoroughly. There are various payroll software available in the market currently but not all will be best suited to your organizational needs.

Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development