4 big questions to ask before commencing a mobile app development


The massive surge in the mobile app usage isn’t hidden from us anymore. We all know how big smart mobility has become now. Last year, there were closely 117.7 million apps-downloads in Asia-Pacific, 42 million in Europe, Middle East & Africa, and 37.3 million in Americas.  Apps’ growing demand has also created lots of opportunities for app development companies. Here, they are professionally engaged in building apps and providing various solutions.

We are in the phase of time where every business wishes to on board the smart mobility, but it’s also true that only a few of them will actually succeed. Because they do not how to do that, not all entering the mobile world will have a grand welcome. Just launching a mobile application will not work because there is already enough competition on app stores. Chances of failing are higher if an app isn’t treated in the required manner. Make sure that before you launch a mobile application, you have answers for following questions:

Who you are building app for?

This is one big question you are supposed to have straight answer for. You should be determined that who is going to be your audience and, what your app would offer to them. Whether it’s itself a product or it provides services, it has to do it uniquely. The design should be unique and the approach should be fresh. But it’s just not where your work will end!

But, your app would be unique when the people using it will say it unique. Only users can experience the unique features of an application. This trait will not come automatically; without figuring out the target audience or in the absence of properly measuring the competition.

Begin deciding on the audience by finding similar apps and, how users respond to it. Read most of the reviews for it and analyze the app carefully for improvements you can do. You can also visit the social media pages of these apps and read the feedback’s provided by users. This will help you understand the current trends related to a specific app type. When you know how people are reacting to your app type, you also know what you have to build and how you are going to do better than others.

What competitors’ apps are offering?

You know what you will offer your users with the app, but you cannot do it in your own way. You have to go by the existing trend of providing the similar offerings.  Here you learn a lot from competitors’ apps and, how they please their users with particular features they have got. What additional you can do is – find the weakest areas in these apps and then find the ways to improve them in your product.

What problems does my app solve?

But you do not have to stay focused merely on adding the best of the features and making the app more and more attractive. Focus on how useful is the app in practical, instead. What really sells an app is— the smart ability to solve a problem it is made for. There must not be any lack in this ability. Do not overshadow your app with unnecessary features that users don’t need and wish that these features will compensate deficits. Uses are smart, they cannot be fooled

How will I develop the app?

This is another big question that you must have a clear answer for. You cannot stay ambiguous and begin your mobile application development project in the dark. You have to be completely determined about how the development will go on. It means you have to decide on hiring the developers and whether they would work in house or be a third-party firm.

Sofia is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, is a ERP software Development Company which provides Software for Retail, Education, Automation, Construction and Finance across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises