Drones are seen as a 21st-century miracle especially the kind of technology it comes with these days. Drones have undoubtedly and conveniently taken over the work of humans with less effort. This piece of the modern-day machine comes in different sizes and forms, and as their technology differs, so is their prices; the more advanced the drone is the costly it becomes. Different types of drones can be seen in different industries serving different purposes, they can be seen in the agro-industry where they used for irrigation and surveillance n purposes, in the military sector where it has been converted into a powerful Unmanned aerial weapon and operated from anywhere in the world. But What are Best Drones Under $300?

In this article, we are going to list some good quality drones you can get for less than $300 and still perform it’s duties effectively. Below, it is listed thus:

1. Potensic D60 Drone

Potensic D60 Drone

This drone is built with innovation and advancement in mind, starting with the camera, it comes with a 110°FOV camera lens that captures HD images and videos from an aerial view. It also comes with a whole 7 stability sensors that facilitate a stable flight in both outdoor and indoor environments.

We believe that this drone is designed with basically photographers in mind because of its ability to produce a high-quality picture output. You are guaranteed to enjoy a 20 minutes fly-time at the full charge of the battery, its drone is programmed to be controlled from a 300 meters range. The drone is also built with FPV VR goggles so you can be able to view the performance of either your Smartphone device or a VR goggles.

2. Holy Stone HS 700 FPV Drone

Holy Stone HS 700 FPV Drone
via: Newegg

The uniqueness of this drone is visible in its GPS System, it can lock on to over 20 satellites in a space of some minutes. It is integrated with the follow-me feature which allows the user to lock on to the user and makes it follow them anywhere they go, it also has the return home mode that allows the drone to return to its initial base when the battery runs out or when it loses signal. The 12 MP HD camera which uses a 30FPS and 110-degree 1080p panoramic view giving you nothing less than clear picture quality.

The Brushless Motors integrated into this drone is designed to be as silent as the drone it’s self this is to prevent it from any kind of noise that will make it interrupt the video recording process. When fully charged, the drone can cover a 400 meters range while transmitting it’s HD video recordings through a 5G  transmission model.

3. Potensic T35 GPS Drone

Potensic T35 GPS Drone

This is a uniquely designed drone that comes with a built-in Hover and barometer altitude hold that ensures stability in a troubling atmospheric condition. The one key takeoff/landing makes it possible for you to return your drone to its initial start off base, with its FPV transmission feature, which allows it send those recorded videos and images using the HD 1080P Adjustable Camera.

The speed mode was designed with both armature and professional pilot in mind, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities as you adjust the speed to suit your current environment. Unlike most of its counterparts, this drone comes with an extra blade in case of any feature repair, it also has a USB cord and a 4GB TF card for photo and video storage.

4. Contixo F20 RC Quadcopter Drone with GPS

Contixo F20 RC Quadcopter Drone with GPS

This is nicknamed the “Great Traveler”, it comes with a GPS feature that works hand-in-hand with the drone movement; it directs it’s the path as it hovers around. When the signal or the battery is low, it hovers back to its initial start off base. When fully charged, this drone can maintain a 16 mins flight time covering approximately 2 kilometers range but the view on the FPV stops at a distance of 500 meters.

This drone comes with an HD 1080p resolution camera that can be transmitted on any mobile device through a specially designed App that comes with the drone. Other feature of the drone includes headless mode, Brushless motors, modular batteries, and a Remote control with an in-built phone holder.