3D Animation and Modeling Software Tools that Simply Replace Autodesk Maya

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It is for sure that the realm of animation and graphic design is constantly evolving. The concept of 3D models and animations was unheard of a few decades ago but now every popular animated movie is in a 3D format. This fact conveys how 3-Dimensional content is gaining popularity in not only the entertainment and film industry but also in video games, branding, and educational institutes.

3D models tend to look closer and similar to human characteristics and that is one of the reasons why this art style is becoming famous and widely used. However, the only dilemma every passionate artist could face is that 3D modeling and animation creation is not similar to 2D art forms. It complicated to understand and if not made using the right tools, it would have no appeal or significance at all.

Therefore, before you begin looking for a video animation maker online, we have compiled some great 3D animation and modeling tools that are certainly not Autodesk Maya or Houdini but some unique yet great finds made to simplify the process of 3D animation production.


A 3D animation and graphic design software, Poser is being widely used for 3D modeling for animated character and human-like figures. Tools such as Maya and Cinema 4D consist of extensive toolsets and features that cannot be used by beginner-level animators nor for the production of basic, small-scale animations but that is not the case with Poser. You can use it along with third-party models and use them in your animation files as well. This tool comes with a drag-and-drop tool that makes it easy to customize anatomical structures, faces as well as the ability to sculpt body parts.


A real-time3D animation tool, iClone is used for both animating and rendering 3-dimensional visuals in a high-resolution format. From short clip to full-length movies, this software lets you create 3D animated content of your choice. The industries iClone supports include animation, video games, education and it can be even used for digital content creation. Its main features include the option to morph clothing layers and anatomical figures in an intuitive manner along with the feature of creating cinematic and artistic real-time visuals that fasten the animation process.

LightWave 3D

From sculpting to rendering 3D digital content, LightWave is a full-fledged package for 3D animation and modeling. Its domain is not limited to animation alone as you can also use it for creating static 3D visuals such as graphic art or illustrations. It comes with cross-platform OS support and it is designed to speed up 3D animation process with simplistic yet innovational tools. What makes it stick out is its Real-time Collaborative Engine that simplifies the rendering process with its advanced features and toolkits. You can render metamorphic animated paintings, model 3D games and use shading tools to customize your model further.

Daz Studio

A 3D art and animation tool, Daz Studio is currently only available for Windows OS but it still happens to contain quality and feature-rich tools and functionalities for 3D artists and animators. It is an appropriate fit for rendering and rigging 3D human-like models and characters along with adding different forms of 3D accessories. Similar to Poser, Daz Studio also offers third-party models and features that can be utilized with other Daz products. In short, this software provides with you with functionality to morph, animate and render 3D models, contains interactive tutorials and texture rigging tools for adding appeal to the graphics or animations.

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