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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Customized eCommerce Website


If you’re thinking of building an eCommerce website for your business, the first thing you have to think about is whether a custom solution or a premade one is what you need. WooCommerce and Shopify may be out-of-the-box business solutions, but they don’t always fit every business’s needs. Though it might need more time and effort, hiring a custom eCommerce website development services provider to customize your website can offer scalability, flexibility, and greater control as returns of investment.

To help you decide whether or not the benefits you can reap from having a customized e-Commerce website is comparable to your investment, here are some points for deliberation.

1. If you’re selling modular or customizable products

To give your shoppers numerous customization options for the products they buy, then you should show these choices by using a customized e-Commerce website. For example, you’re into selling T-shirts with an added perk of allowing buyers to customize the design; then your online store should allow your users to customize graphics, fonts, colors, and sizes.

Since there are plenty of variables that need to come together in this set-up, a premade eCommerce business solution might not be able to include all these options in one product. If you rely on a premade eCommerce solution, chances are, complex orders might get messy. In cases like this, a sophisticated, well-thought, and seamlessly planned custom eCommerce business solution is the way to go.

2. Your online store offers unique or specialized shipping options

Another point of deliberation you should consider in deciding whether or not you need the help of custom eCommerce website development services is if your store offers specialized shipping options. Selling products that have similar weight and size is less complicated. However, if your product requires special shipping conditions, you might need to diversify your customer’s shipping options. In this case, a custom eCommerce business solution can get the job done.

You can incorporate as many courier and delivery services as you can. Whether your customer wants the US postal service, DHL, UPS, or FedEx to handle the delivery, your website can arrange it. A custom eCommerce website is also more favorable if you’re shipping your products internationally. Your customers can specify certain temperature controls necessary and other relevant information to ensure the freshness and safety of the items.

3. If you need to follow industry rules

Since not all industries are alike, it would help your business if your eCommerce website can accommodate these industry-specific rules and regulations. Like for instance, your products need to be kept refrigerated to avoid spoilage, a website that allows users to specify such requirement can prevent misunderstanding and customer frustration.

Every carrier has its own rules regarding prohibited items. UPS, for example, imposed a ban on gasoline and airbags for domestic shipping, and dry ice and aerosols for international shipping. If your online store sells these prohibited products, a custom eCommerce website can help you comply with the shipping standards of each carrier you partner with.

Who can help you build a custom eCommerce website?

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