11 Great Employees Perks that Every Company Should Provide


In any company, aside from the main salary and mandated benefits for the employees, there are things called “perks” and they are sort of incentive to the employees. These perks are additional benefits package to entice employees to stay and perform well on their respective jobs and in return, contribute to the success and growth of the company.

These perks are decided by upper management with great HR support. The HR will then ratify and implement the decision. These perks are not required but companies can choose to provide it to the employees as long as it can be implemented.

So are the perks that make employees stay longer at work? Here are they:

  • Unlimited paid time off or vacation leave

Did you know that with unlimited paid time off, it will boost the productivity of the employees? When the employees feel they are trusted to make decision on how much they should take a time off, they ensure that their work and contribution gets done before. They are more likely to stay longer in the company. Moreover, after they return from vacation, they feel refreshed and energized with new ideas to put on work.

  • On-site clinic

Aside from the health insurance, an on-site clinic will help to take care the health of its employees. There should be a registered nurse or physical therapist. The clinic can promote healthy food and provides lecture in living a healthy life. Moreover, the clinic will be the first-aid kit scenario if something happens to the employee during working hours.

  • Health and wellness support

Providing a space in the company where employees can do wellness activity is a good and healthy perk. The company can allot space with simple fitness equipment where the staff can do physical activities and exercises. Another suggestion is creating a walking path around the building. Meditation class and yoga sessions are also great wellness perk.

  • Cakes on birthdays

It feels good when someone remembers your birthday. The company should make an effort to surprise their employees with cake on their birthdays. This is a simple and inexpensive way to show that the company appreciation to someone on their name day. It’s a sign that the company cares. After giving a cake, it’s time to eat a piece of it and it’s a way to bond inside the office.

  • Flexible working schedule

Perhaps this is the most popular and highly recommended perk for business owners and employees. This became popular due to the demand of “work-life balance” these days. This is completely free and amenable. Some people are morning person and are better working in the morning. There are other people who can work great in the afternoon. Whatever works for everyone and a winnable option for the company, it should be done.

  • Performance bonus

Monetary incentive is another way to inspire the employees to do more. The company should connect the performance bonus to the emotions so employees continue to engage in their work. This performance bonus should always be based on the results of their work. This kind of perk gives employees the sense of control and ownership. It motivates them to be the best on their work.

  • Subsidized education

This can be an informal training or continuing education. The thing is, investing with employees’ education and learning is a win-win situation. With continuing education or training, these employees can bring a lot of new ideas and great alternatives for the growth and success of the company. In return, these employees will be grateful and appreciative of help reaching another milestone in their lives.

  • Paid sick leaves

Company should make the sick leaves paid just like the paid time off or vacation. It’s like giving back the important thing to employees – their time. Having paid sick leaves remind the employees that it’s fine if they stay at home when they are sick. This move also helps to stop the spreading of illness.

  • Team and company events

These events can be simple, formal, or anything as long as it helps in creating a bond between all employees. It can be as simple as weekly basketball game or make it like intramurals among them. Another suggestion is bring some instruments in the office and make a jam during Fridays. Holiday parties such as Thanksgiving Lunch and Halloween costume party are great options for company bonding.

  • Gaming room

A space inside the office where employees can d-stress is a good idea. A game room is suggested where they can have a break. The room can have gaming equipment – mix of mental and physical games. In this way, employees are reminded that they can time to unwind and relax. Another set of equipment inside the room are TV, foosball table, and more.

  • Free meals

One way to make employees feel at home is providing them free food. There should be a kitchen where they can grab meals or snacks instead of going out of the office. Donuts Tuesdays and Pizza Fridays are great options too. Also, the company can provide catering once a month or every two months, serving them healthy meals.

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