Tech Gifts for Kids

11 Cutting-Edge Tech Gifts for Kids of all Ages (That Will Still Get in On Time)


Many of the hottest toys this holiday season are all packed with high tech fun, however, choosing the ideal one might be overwhelming.

We’re here to help you make sense of this all. From programmable robots into Disney princesses that teach kids to code, we rounded up a selection of the latest technology toys sure to please kids of most ages. Be warned: most of these require batteries lots of them, so buy them now and your kids won’t be disappointed when they open the gift and immediately want to play.

1. Dance Code Belle

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Kids learn the fundamentals of coding since they choreograph Belle, within her magnificent golden gown, to perform different dance routines. Dance Code Belle may move, talk and dancing on their own, or kids might shoot a twist in basic”block coding” to place together a dance routine simply for Belle using the companion program.

2. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

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This tablet computer, designed only for kids, comes pre-loaded using apps, educational games, and also a kid-friendly web browser which are parent-approved and fun to use. Games adapt into your child’s skill level because they grow old, therefore they won’t outgrow them too soon. We especially like the built-in bumper and shatter-safe 7-inch touchscreen on the Leap Pad Ultimate because we all know there will be lots of accidental drops.

3. Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkie

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Spy gear video walkie-talkie isn’t enjoying some other walkie-talkie for kids. This is really a particular type where you’re able to keep team effort and surveillance from check since you complete assignments using Spy Gear Video Walkie-Talkies without the wifi or data connectivity required. Only Spy Gear has this technology to let you keep in continuous 2-way, visual and audio communication.

The Video Walkie-Talkie functions being a hidden camera too. This Walkie talkie is readily folded up for easy storage and screen protection. It requires 6 AAA batteries (not given the walkie-talkie) because of the own operation. Don’t expect very high-quality video but fair enough for its price.

4. SoundMoovz

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Have the kids off the sofa and moving together with SoundMoovz, motion-activated bands which strap into their ankles or wrists. Once connected into this mobile program, each move of one’s leg or arm activates a solid effect; choose from robotic, instrumental and more, making the body an individual audio machine. Kids can play together and send the music to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker for dance out loud fun.

5. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

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Lego Boost enables aspiring engineers and programmers to build and code their own robot. The coding is performed via a drag and drop-style program, therefore that they’ll need a tablet (i-OS or Android) with it particular. The kit comes with five robotic projects, however, the possibilities are endless since it’s all compatible using the Lego bricks that you already possess from the playroom.

6. LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit 

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The littleBits Star Wars Droid inventor Kit comes with everything a budding engineer needs to build and customize an R2 Droid. Using the electronic cubes and adhering to Droid Inventor program, kids learn circuitry and design as they program R2 to respond to the wave of a hand. The force is strong with this particular kit.

7. FurReal Makers Proto Max

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Kids who want pets to droids may create and code their own puppy using FurReal Makers Proto Max. Once they build the ideal pooch they could customize eye-color, movements, and more. It’s this type of dog-gone good time, so kids will not even realize they are learning how to code.

8. Sky Viper V2450 GPS Drone

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Beginner drone pilots will find the Sky Viper V2450 GPS drone easy to fly since it maintains its position while hovering, and doesn’t drift away in the wind. Constructed GPS makes it smart enough to go back home at the touch of a button, even shooting HD video as it soars the sky.

9. IDO3D 3D Print Shop

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Using counter-intuitive molds, reusable cloning compound, and special ink, kids create 3D objects such as jewelry, jewelry cars, and mini characters. It isn’t really 3D printing but does not inform the kids. As an alternative, it uses an LED light to treat the creations, substantially quicker and safer for kids compared to the real idea.

10. Teddy Ruxpin

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Loveable, cuddly Teddy Ruxpin is back with some high-tech smarts. He sings music and tells stories thanks to builtin blue tooth he connects to an app so kids can read along on a tablet. He has also embedded with detectors, has color LCD eyes and a mouth that moves as he speaks.

11. 3Doodler Start Essential 3D Printing Pen Set

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Turn everyday doodles to 3D-printed objects just like a walking robot creepy crawling insect with all the 3 Doodler Start Robotics Pen Set. The collection comes with everything you need, including motor and battery packs, and a themed task guide packed with projects. We like that it’s designed just for kids 8+; it uses low heat, BPA-free plastic.

Update: This pen is out of stock until December 27, sadly! But we found this other 3D pen by Lullen for $48 that has 5-star reviews.

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