10 Useful Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome

10 Useful Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome


Even after being infamous for sucking up our RAMs, Google Chrome continues to be the most loved web-browser. It is the super fast and lags very less. It has a very user-friendly user interface. But it is fast to use doesn’t mean that it can’t be faster and more convenient. We have some useful tips and tricks to make you your Chrome experience better and worth your while. For those of you who think you better without reading these tips, well you’ll remember us when you would want a faster web experience!

You can make you your Chrome experience better and worth your while with following tips and tricks. For those of you who think you better without reading these tips, well you’ll remember us when you would want a faster web experience!

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks in order to make your browsing experience much better:

1. Web-pages as PDFs

For making the web-pages easily accessible and easier to print. All you have to do is press Control+P together and then click on Save as PDF in the upper right column.

2. Avoid being tracked

A lot of people don’t know about the incognito mode. Incognito mode is a facility given by Google to disable tracking of your laptop. This helps in avoiding cookies. Apart from that, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of deleting your browser history.

3. ChromeCast

This feature allows you to cast your chrome screen on a TV. The Cast option is available in the Settings list. The setting is the three-dotted button present in the right corner of the search tab.

4. Smart usage of the Omnibox

Omnibox is the search tab in Chrome. It directly allows you to browse for things by entering words. You can also customize your search by directly searching in the site only. For example, you want to see everything that frizztech ever wrote about Google Chrome, all you will have to do is type ‘Google Chrome:frizztech.

5. Search a word

Sometimes it so happens that we might not know the meaning of a particular word or term, for finding that out all you got to do is select the word and right click on it. A drop-down menu will open with the second option as “Search Google for the highlighted word”.

6. Accidentally closing a tab

We have all been in this annoying place where we mistakenly close our tabs. For this just hit Ctrl+Shft+T, this will reopen all the tabs that were closed.

7. Togging through multiple tabs

While researching we have to keep shifting between different tabs. For this, there is a simple shortcut. Hold the Control button and press 1,2,3… you can do this 9 number of tabs. In case you have many tabs, all you got to do is hold Control+ Tab. This tip will help you toggle freely through the Chrome window without using your mouse pad.

8. Adding bookmark through dragging

When you find a page that you frequently want to visit, just highlight its whole URL and drag and drop it to the Star button on the Search tab. This will directly save the URL to your Bookmarks.

9. Change Themes

Chrome has the option of changing the theme of your browser. While for some it is unnecessary for others it is important the browser is dark in colour.  Most of the themes are free of cost and are available in the Chrome web store.

10. Saving a page to your desktop

Certain pages and sites are best saved on your desktops because they are the way too important to get lost in your browser history. To do this all you have to do is drag and drop the URL of the page to your desktop. Alternatively, you can go to Settings then to More Tools and then Save on Desktop!

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