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10 Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2019


Endless advances in technology allow us to connect much easier and with a much wider audience. Therefore, it is not far-fetched for a company to want to build and expand their online presence because after all, more and more people are not only making purchases from their phone but communicating with their favourite brands online. It’s this ease of communication which provides a number of excellent opportunities which can bring increased exposure and increased sales. Therefore, here are ten reasons why you need a Digital Marketing strategy:

1: In Order To Have Direction And Purpose

With everything in life, if there is no direction, you are more likely to flip-flop all over the place. But, it’s not enough to say that you want a certain number of followers and that’s it. Rather, a better strategy is to identify how many followers you want and go one step further to determine how to achieve that. Without a clear direction in place, it is quite challenging to create a plan because until your goals are not clear, you wouldn’t be able to achieve anything.

2: Allows You To Further Define Your Audience

In general, over 2 hours every day is spent on some form of social media, therefore it’s fair to say that it’s integrated into everything that we do. Hence, it is integral to have a strategy that allows you to conduct an analysis of what your customer’s needs and wants are. That way you would be able to further define who your actual audience is.

3: You Can Reach Customers with Ease

Having a well-planned social media strategy in place will help you reach your target audience with ease. If you’re not that familiar with social media, you can team up with a digital marketing agency in Dubai to help you with all your social media marketing needs.

4: Creates a Level Playing Field For Existing And Start-Up Competitors

It’s quite hard to compete with the larger brand names due to the volume of advertising that they spend on traditional and digital means. But now, with an online presence, smaller businesses can compete with their much smaller advertising budgets due to the fact that they now have control over where and how they spend their money. Having a digital marketing strategy in place will help you plan your ad spend more effectively.

5: Allows For Integration 

Due to the fact that digital media revolves around social media platforms, it is common to find that digital marketing strategies only incorporate such. But a comprehensive strategy should also allow for the integration of traditional means for it to be more effective.

6: Allows You to Engage With Your Audience

Your digital marketing agency in Dubai will create that pathway for you to have communication with your customers. This engagement then builds a community of customers who are loyal. This way, your customers feel as though they can openly express their queries and in turn, you can convey your message the way you intended.

7: Ensures a Longer Reach

Traditional mediums such as radio advertising are only most effective at peak hours and it would be quite impossible to have a 24-hour reach for the same cost of running an advertisement on social media, during peak hours. On the other hand, even though you can view the best times that your marketing ploys would be most effective, it does have a longer time span than traditional means especially when your clientele comes from different parts of the world.

8: It Is a Cost-Effective Tactic

Using digital strategies is one of the best ways to maximize conversions for the lowest possible cost. Also, if you not dealing with your strategy by yourself, the use of professional services is also cheaper to hire which will also save you money in the long run. But in the end, if there is no clear plan in place, you might make blunders which will essentially lead to wastage and the expenditure of more funds.

9: Strategies are Easy to Track

Provided that you have set your target and digital plans, you’ll, in turn, know what you track in order to verify if your strategies were indeed effective. Therefore, you can also adjust and make the necessary changes when needed and also make sure that the changes working to your benefit at all times.

10: It Will Assist You With Optimization

The great thing about planning is that not only does it allow you to get to your goal, but it also allows you to check up on the process of your strategy along the way.

If you haven’t created your Digital Marketing Strategy by now – what are you waiting for? Remember that technology does not wait for anyone, so there is no better time to start than now!


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