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10 Best Virtual WiFi Router Software of 2019


WiFi hotspots have gained considerable importance with their ability of establishing hassle-free connectivity between your router device and other peripherals. Today we are going to take a look at ten of the best virtual WiFi routers available in the market.

  • Free WiFi Hotspot – One of the biggest advantages of this user-friendly software is its seamless setup which can be achieved without any prior knowledge regarding the same. It enables its users to create hotspots and connect all the hardware peripherals such as iPads, iPhones, smartphones, game consoles, media layers, smartwatches as well as other WiFi featured laptops. All kinds of network coverage ranging from 2G to 3G and 4G as well as USB Tethering connections which are supported by the Free WiFi Hotspot. You can also set up your preferred coverage radar so that superfast speed can also be enjoyed by your neighbours.
  • Connectify – You can use either the paid or unpaid versions of the Connectify virtual router for sharing your PC’s internet connection with a plethora of other devices. However, while using the unpaid version you might incur the problem of the hotspot restarting every 30 seconds. You can view the quantum of internet consumed as well as speed of individual devices by using this software. However, its name is not completely customizable and displays the word “connectify” before your preferred name at all times.
  • Hosted Network Starter – The main feature which sets Hosted Network Starter apart from its peers is that it does not require a separate installation process. You can carry around this highly portable software in your USB or any other storage devices for being used whenever you want. The simple design of this virtual WiFi aids in sharing internet in a manner similar to other hotspot software. Your connection can also be secured through WPA2 encryption. Hosted Network Starter can also reveal the list of connected devices as well as a detailed error message if the configuration is faulty.
  • MaryFi – The vast WiFi range rendered by this virtual router stands out as one of its biggest USPs. Its interface is also very simple in stark contrast to its peer cluttered applications. MaryFi WiFi Hotspot Software can be used as a repeater for receiving network from your device and sharing it amongst other peripherals. Another big advantage of using this versatile WiFi router is that you can access files shared between your devices and this application without having to attach cables to your devices. However, it is imperative to note here that MaryFi might not be compatible with your device if you are using an operating system older then Windows 7.
  • My WiFi Router – This highly efficient router aids in the creation of hotspots having high range signals for being shared with multiple devices. It is also possible to share files across them making it a perfect choice for everyday users. You can thus benefit out of all the requisite features which can be expected out of a software of this category. Several connection types ranging from LAN to 4G and even another WiFi are supported by My WiFi Router. You can even customize the name of the hotspot according to your preferences. All the connected devices can also be viewed through the interface for being managed effectively and with individual allocation of WiFi speed.
  • MyPublicWiFi – This WiFi router as the name suggests is tailor-made for public use. It also allows users to share their Internet as well as display the sites visited by all its connected devices. The user-friendly interface makes it perfect for amateurs who can choose their preferred language for using this software. Password protection supported by this software can be of considerable help if you wish to restrict certain file sharing applications in the connected devices.
  • 160WiFi – This free of cost software is compatible with all forms of windows and can be installed in a simple manner for managing your devices. In spite of being a widely used WiFi hotspot software, it doesn’t affect you with disturbing popups advert in a way similar to other free applications. The secure router software also features an option for password protection to render greater security.
  • mHotspot – This user-friendly software brings in greater security as it allows users to use a password for ensuring safety. Several devices can be hooked up with the same for sharing internet connectivity across an array of devices as mHotspot acts as a repeater. Such attributes make this the perfect choice for engaging in multiplayer games. Its takes just 400KB of your hard disk space for operating this free software which renders optimum portability to the same.

Hence, you won’t be requiring any specific installation process for using this virtual WiFi hotspot. Network can be shared between ten devices which allows users to customize it in accordance with their preference as well as create a restriction on the total number of devices you wish to establish connectivity with. Internet consumption of individual devices which are connected with the mHotspot software can be monitored by tracking their details.

  • Antamedia – This is one of the foremost WiFi software companies which has already curved out a niche for itself with their remarkable services. It is extremely easy to install and setup on any PC after which you can share the network without having to incur any extra expense for each user. Coupled with such attributes, Antamedia can definitely be termed as a highly professional software. It is possible to hook up 20 devices with the Antamedia WiFi Hotspot Software for establishing control over all of them.
  • Virtual WiFi Router – This easy to setup router features an attractive user interface and does not require any specific installation since the program does not run as a background process. You can source your internet from LAN, cable, other WiFi and Modem share to other devices. It is also possible to see the devices connected with this WiFi router coupled with their IP addresses.

Internet serves as the pre-requisite of enjoying the global flavours of variation. This in turn has given a rise in the demand of Virtual WiFi routers which are increasingly being used in schools, colleges, railways, airports, stations and similar places where public WiFi networks are available.

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