10 Awesome future Smartphones ideas

future smartphones

The future is of the smartphones and the making of the latest and the new design and features of smartphones have changed the perception of the technology.

A few decades ago when the mobile phones were not even the men’s of use for the things that we are getting to see these days what smartphones are offering. For the simple communication of the voice and the text messages to having the whole world in your fingertips is something technology has achieved over the past years. The mobile technology has no doubt brought many benefits and the ease of life to the people and this is the reason for the making of the new and the amazing smartphones and the technology in the mobile era to be advanced and development more.

We have seen the ultra-high definition displays in the new smartphones, the amazing and the latest cameras and the quality of the pictures that the smartphone camera can take, we have seen the curved and flexed shaped smartphone and there are so many of the ideas that are revolving around the minds of the people that can be possible in the near time and everything that a smartphone can be used for.

Let’s have a look at a few of the awesome futuristic ideas for the smartphones:

  1. Transparent smartphone

With the developments in the technology we can exact for the smartphone to come that are transparent in the body making and the look from both the sides can be seen and touched. Only the hardware components can be seen in the body and the screen is totally transparent in the look and makes of it.

  1. Screen on both the sides of the phone

Recently we have seen from a couple of makers of the mobile phones that have introduced a small patch of a screen on the backside as well for some display but having completely 2 same size screen in the phones can be a new and amazing trend in the smartphones.

  1. Smartphone with the projectors

We had seen from the Samsung back in the year when the Samsung galaxy beam was presented having the concept of the in-built projector for the smartphones. This can be a great achievement when developed to the next level and having the complete for features of a modern projector in a mobile phone.

  1. Flexible and foldable

The foldable screens are in the making and surely we will come to see in the future near that the smartphone are being made that is flexible and foldable. This will be a great and amazing innovation in the technology and the innovations for the mobile devices.

  1. Wrist smartphones

We have seen the smart watches that are almost the same with the functionality of the smartphones. Image a small smartphone on your wrist and making everything from there with just the touch of screen. This is a rare and less frequent idea but no one knows what the future is all about.

  1. PRO camera concept

We have seen from the iPhone PRO concept that having a digital camera lens attached to the back of the IPhone for the amazing and the state of the art photography. The concept of the detachable DSLR and the amazing photography lenses can be expected to be a part of the future where the smartphones are having them as their main component.

  1. Drone concept in a smartphone

The making and the inventions of drones are very much and if the foldable wings attached to the smartphone for flying can make the innovation go beyond the reality.

  1. Electrical Taser in smartphones

It would be a great invention if the smartphone can be used for the protection purpose. There are concepts of installing the electrical Taser in the phones that will be charged instantly and used for self-defense.

  1. Smartphones for medical testing

We can see the inventions in the future there the blood glucose can be tested with the smartphone by using the blood samples just we use it as a ordinary testing of the sugar level with the sugar monitor.

  1. Hologram phone

The idea for the hologram phone is old one as the wearing of a gadget that will through the rays from your wrist and the shape of the smartphone will us visible in the hand in air. The rays can be used to use the smartphone and the phone can be shut off from the switching off of the wrist gadget.

There are so many of the ideas that com in the mind and this is the reason for everything that is made possible today. With the technology advancements and the developments in the making of better world we can achieve anything.

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