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Frizz Tech Provides Tech Support For Windows Live

Windows offers a collection of web services via Windows live. Window Live is a place where users can find all the services by Windows at one place. Though it discontinued later, a lot of other similar services replaced it, such as,, etc. All the windows phone have inbuilt accounts of Windows Live. It helps users to retrieve all the lost data and info. This is one of the reasons that windows phone were most liked by business people. To know further about anything related to Windows live to connect to Frizz Tech.

Frizz Tech Helps You to Deal with Windows Live Technical Issue

Windows live helped users to lead a hassle free life at work and home while storing data of transferring the same. It helped them to use all the apps through one account, this made it necessary for users to know and understand their email and apps better. There are a lot of things that it offers, also users can sync contacts of their windows phone with their pc, they can access calendar and drive from anywhere in the world this way. As the feasibility and technology grow and take over your important information it becomes necessary to know that they are secure and fully protected. To know all about that and more, the user needs to have tech support to better use their app.

We Offer Windows Live Tech Support Service

Frizz Tech is one such portal where all the queries related to MS office gets answered. Here, no problem remains devoid of a solution. So, if you need any help, any support for better understating or have the problem while using MS office, contact Frizz Tech. Our trained and expert technicians will give end to end solution for all the issues related to MS Office.

Some of the services for Windows Live technical problems are like:

  • Help in installation of app and email set up
  • Password recovery and change in account detail
  • Sync help to mobile phone
  • Help in managing one drive, Xbox and People. Live
  • Data restoration on windows devices
  • Pop and IMAP account set up assistance
  • Junk and virus removal assistance
  • Subscription assistance on games and music
  • Support on connecting to other window devices
  • Windows live email set up to Outlook

To avail all the above mentioned and more service, connect to our tech experts. Dial to our toll-free numbers to connect to them. Our tech teams are here to help you 24/7.