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Frizz Tech Provides Tech Support For Hotmail

Founded in 1996, by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, the webmail was then known as Hotmail. After Microsoft acquired and in 2013 it was replaced by It provides unlimited features like storage, contact management, a calendar and close integration with One Drive, Office online and Skype. It lets users to major web browser including, chrome, safari, and Mozilla. It helps users to set up the account in office outlook. Microsoft also introduced the ability of third party providers as PayPal to add services. It promises to respect users’ privacy. It doesn’t scan the email and keep them ads-free. Its active view allows users to interact directly. And there are a lot more about it.

Frizz Tech Helps You to Deal with Hotmail Technical Issue

This is entirely right to say that Microsoft Hotmail is a single stop solution for all the need of the users. Be it sharing data or images or anything, Hotmail lets users take a full use of it. However, there can be some issue while using Hotmail or users may be unaware of many other features of the webmail that they can know if they contact a Hotmail Tech Support. Frizztech provided end to end support to your mailbox related issues. We assure you detailed and step to step assistance while using Hotmail.

We Offer Hotmail Tech Support Service

Frizz tech is an online tech support service provider that provides full support for Hotmail. Users can get any kind of support related to hotmail. We ensure successful login and other features that may not be known to the users yet. Now users can freely have assistance by professional while using Hotmail.

Some of the services for hotmail technical problems are like:

  • Assistance on setting up the account
  • Temporary blocking the account
  • Configuration of an email account to Microsoft outlook
  • Help on adding IMAP and POP account
  • Assistance in clearing junk file
  • Personalization of contact, signature and out of office
  • Aid on hacked account
  • Assistance on error while receiving or sending the mail
  • Help in abuse, phishing and spam related issues
  • Privacy setting assistance
  • Assistance on phishing, abuse, and spam
  • Add other email domain to outlook
  • Calendar management and schedule a meeting
  • Add/ Setup Hotmail account in mobile/Tablate/iPhone

At Frizz Tech we know all the solutions for the problem related to your Hotmail account. To connect to our Hotmail Tech support experts feel free to call on our Toll-Free numbers. We are there for your help 24/7.