New Age HRMS solution

Features You Should Watch For in a New Age HRMS solution


The forthcoming ecosystem of this software-driven market has made companies innovative, cost-effective and much more efficient. One of the essential technologies that have been improving exponentially for the last few years is the Human Resource Management Software (HRMS software).

Your HR leader knows the impulse of your workforce better than just about any other employee of the company. He or she realizes labor and recruitment costs, talent gaps, and mainly industry trends, and is privy to a wealth of details that can provide an enormous amount of insight. The challenge that many organizations face in today’s ever-changing business landscape is that this goldmine of information only has value when the shiny bits can be extracted. And too often, the valuable details that are needed are not easily accessible.  

Think of a Human Resource Management System, as a one-stop-cloud-based-shop designed to gather and clarify all of your talent management needs. While you might be amicable with the term Human Resource Management System, or HRMS, at Darwin box, we offer a unified HCM platform that updates every feature of people management from the way companies recruit onboard and develop people, to the way they pay them, retain them and build an organizational culture.

Here are the top things every company should look for in an HR solution.

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Features Every HRMS or HCM Platform Should Include:

Recruiting and Onboarding

HR professionals need a much smarter and simpler tool that can handle every step in the hiring process efficiently and ensures compliance. Doing so helps captivate and retain top-performing employees and reduces turnover.

So, What Should You Look For?

  • You do not want to miss out on the 40% of job seekers mainly that are applying via mobile devices because you cannot accommodate them.
  • When you are on a deadline, searching for data should not be like finding a needle in a haystack. Programs that are well-designed make navigating and visualizing the details you need easily.
  • Using the correct search filters inside your candidate database is the best way to identify prospects. Find people those are located near an open position or look for a complete detailed skill set.
  • Making an excellent first impression is mission-critical to retain the candidate you have worked so hard to hire. The right onboarding solution can assist your employees felt much welcome and connected from day-1. Engaging them early helps get significant tasks completed in a short amount of time, and inviting employees to enter banking, or other personal data directly that eventually saves time and limits the errors.

HR and Benefits Administration

Who wants to be stuck controlling open enrollment and answering the employees’ questions mainly during one of the busiest times of the year? The right benefits administration tool would not only reduce the long list of administrative tasks associated with open enrollment, but it can further offer employees valuable education on available plan options and also how to find the best fit for their needs.

And when it comes to helping the employees grow and develop in their careers, offering an HR solution that schedules performance management and gives employees easy access to view goals, participate in training and communicate with managers is the key in increasing the overall engagement and making employees feel valued.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Unifying information between payroll and time tracking makes it simpler to maintain accuracy and results in fewer discrepancies. Ideally, of reaching out to HR staff, self-service options validates employees to access timekeeping records, balances, view PTO and also request time off.

Payroll and Tax Compliance

  • The best payroll software should be easy to access from anywhere so you can edit, review and run payroll in very less time and more efficiently.
  • Self-service options offer employees the capability to easily access payment history, finding solutions to their questions directly.
  • Failing to file payroll taxes on time can produce in significant fines. The right payroll solution must be very much user-friendly, makes catching mistakes easy, and decreases the stress of maintaining compliance.

Reports and Analytics

Remember that goldmine of data that was mentioned earlier? With the right human resources information and insights, you can answer frequent questions like  – Which department costs the most in labor? – How much do we spend on work in each of our locations?

– What inefficiencies does the information reveal that we could improve?

With too much on your plate, it is critical to find the right tool to handle the tasks of a busy human resource department without all the problems.

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