Best Place To Holiday in USA

Best Place To Holiday in USA

Many countries are inviting immigrants from all over the world by making their processes easy just like Canada Quebec Immigration which has been transferred to a feasible procedure. However, for a nice vacation people usually choose the United States since the country has enormous popularity and a lot of places for people to visit. The States has a lot of diverse cities and attractions which makes it a little difficult to choose from but there are some places there which should always be on your bucket list.

Here are the best places to holiday in the US from the hotspots in the New York City to the cherry blossoms in Washington.

New York City


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New York is the number one place for people to choose when they visit the United States. There are icons like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and then the ever glorious Times Square which must have to be seen when you visit the country. New York is considered to be the most populous and the popular city and it is also known for the Big Apple.

People wouldn’t even dare to miss a leisure walk on the High Line, the old railroad track turned park which has a lot of greenery, the artwork, and the skyline views. There are Broadway and theater district which is the place where people go to see the latest plays and musical.

Los Angeles


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LA is a hub for Hollywood and celebrities with the mild breezes from the Pacific Ocean which keeps the city on top of the list for people to visit from all around the world. You could always find one of the top and luxurious hotels and resorts near the LA’s most famous beaches like Malibu or Santa Monica for a nice stay. You can always go shopping on the Rodeo Drive, tour to the Beverly Hills and walk around the boardwalk in the most famous beachfront neighborhood.



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Chicago has been known as the Second City which comes in the second to line with the New York city in size and in population as well. It is a beacon in the Midwest and Chicago is the third largest when it comes to population. The city has the skyline, restaurants, shopping malls, museums and other activities which wouldn’t let you get bored even if you are with your friend or you are with your family.



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Washington is the capital of the United States and it has miles of museums and monuments that one couldn’t help but to fall in love with. And the best part is that you could see all of that without any money. It is the reason why that the city is one of the most cities in the country when it comes to families and school groups. The city is the best place to learn about the history of the country like Mount Vernon, George Washington’s plantation;

Ford’s Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated White House; the Capitol; Georgetown; and Alexandria. There are museums like Smithsonian, the National Museum of American History, and the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, and the National Museum of the American Indian.

Las Vegas


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There are a lot of people who go Vegas just to try their luck and if they feel that the odds are in their favor and they just want to win big money. The city is known as the city of sin where you would find a bunch of casinos and clubs and could really experience the nightlife over there. You could always take a tour of the MGM Grand, and could always try your luck at the Planet Hollywood Hotel or the Casino.

San Francisco


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The city is symbolized by the red rafters of the golden gate bridge, which is the San Francisco Bay and it is known for its neighborhoods like the Chinatown and the Haight-Ashbury. It is the ideal place for you to visit if you are someone who enjoys nature and just can’t help but to adore the work of nature.

New Orleans


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It is all about the festivals in this country and it has such a nice attitude that you wouldn’t even care about anything once you visit this city and would just want to be in the festivities only. It is a slightly distinct and different city which makes up to the popularity of the place.

If you are someone who likes Jazz then this is the place for you because there are just quite a lot of music festivals go around and most of them are jazz music festivals. You would go there and would hear people say ‘let the good times roll around’.

Asheville, North Carolina


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The city sits on the right of the Blue Ridge Parkway and it has the most spectacular views that you just don’t wanna miss. People who love hiking would always find a way to go there because the smoky mountains are something that they don’t want to miss when they fall off from the plane and just want to experience the serenity of the place.

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